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Reference : suzy

Description : Suzy our gentle loving cat died peacefully in her sleep on the 17th. January aged 20. She is greatly missed and leaves a big hole in the family.

Dimensions : not very big

Price Guide : Enquire


Reference : gh05

Description : A hexagonal facet stem wine glass with rounded funnel bowl engraved with flowers English c.1780

Dimensions : 5.875 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 3045

Description : A very rare 15th century fragmentary green glass beaker of conical form with rib moulded sides and very high kick in base Rhenish c.1480

Dimensions : 4 1/8 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 3041

Description : A wonderful crystal glass composite stem candlestick English c.1730

Dimensions : 7.25 ins

Price Guide : F


Reference : 3040

Description : A large and rare woven glass cherry bowl and under dish Liege, Low Countries c.1760

Dimensions : 6 x 13.25 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 3034

Description : An interesting free blown pale blue opaline glass bottle English c.1780

Dimensions : 9.25 ins

Price Guide : B


Reference : 3033

Description : A very rare Duke of Buckingham Glass works (Greenwich) tazza on high spreading foot and decorated with pinched trails English c.1670

Dimensions : 3.5 x 7.25 ins

Price Guide : G


Reference : 3026

Description : A Facon de Venise wing glass with blue/green glass detail Venice c.1650

Dimensions : 4 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 3024

Description : A pair of Facon de Venise wine glasses with blue glass canes Venice/Low Countries c.1680

Dimensions : 4.25 ins

Price Guide : D


Reference : 3022

Description : A Facon de Venise low bowl decorated with a nipt band of turquoise canes Venice/Low Countries c.1650

Dimensions : 1 1/8 x 6 3/8 ins

Price Guide : E

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